This boat is in near perfect condition, would not sell if I didn't need to downsize due to storage issues.

2021 RMR 14' Raft. No patches, no leaks, holds air all trip long with no issues. Minor rubbing from frame. Comes with 3 thwarts as well.

Custom built 2" aluminum frame. See photo for dimensions. DRE oar towers with Sawyer Cobra oar locks. Decking is custom built 3/4" plywood with water proof grip coating. Front bay pivots open, small hatch (can be removed if needed) also swings open. Bimini included with attachment points to front D Rings

9.5' Counterbalanced Cataract Oars
1 Spare 9' Carlisle Oar

Targhee Trailer - 6.5' X 12' w/ roll bar. Comes with a spare tire (attached).