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14' raft, frame and cooler height

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Building out a gear rig for a 14' RMR and I'm struggling to decide on a cooler.

I am currently looking at these three coolers:

Where I'm struggling is I love the capacity of the RTIC but it is 21" tall. Add 1" suspension above the floor and I'm basically rocking a 22" cooler. The floor to top-of-tube measurement is ~ 11" and I have 1.5" crossbars (1.9" OD). That gives me a little more height with ~13" from top of rail to top of floor. Apply some algebra and I'm looking at ~9" inches (worst case) of cooler above my frame. That's a lot of cooler. The cooler would be in one of the front two bays of a 4 bay frame. Would like for it to be in the front bay.

I looked through as many threads as I could for advice but still didn't come to a great conclusion. Should I give up on my quest for a higher capacity cooler and go with one of the 100 qt sizes, or should I say f*!ckit and get a cooler that I may be unhappy with due to it's height.

I should also say that even though it's smaller, the Prospector definitely has my vote for design...

I've got 42" to work with between the tubes, if anyone has a better cooler recommendation I am all ears.
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I went from the Engel 123 to the RTIC 145. Way taller than what I was expecting and just a touch bigger in every direction. It sits in my big cat in front of me, so no huge deal for me. I will say, I think the RTIC out performs the Engel as the lid seals better. Could be that I can get more cold stuff in it and better ice management by me.
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