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14' raft, frame and cooler height

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Building out a gear rig for a 14' RMR and I'm struggling to decide on a cooler.

I am currently looking at these three coolers:

Where I'm struggling is I love the capacity of the RTIC but it is 21" tall. Add 1" suspension above the floor and I'm basically rocking a 22" cooler. The floor to top-of-tube measurement is ~ 11" and I have 1.5" crossbars (1.9" OD). That gives me a little more height with ~13" from top of rail to top of floor. Apply some algebra and I'm looking at ~9" inches (worst case) of cooler above my frame. That's a lot of cooler. The cooler would be in one of the front two bays of a 4 bay frame. Would like for it to be in the front bay.

I looked through as many threads as I could for advice but still didn't come to a great conclusion. Should I give up on my quest for a higher capacity cooler and go with one of the 100 qt sizes, or should I say f*!ckit and get a cooler that I may be unhappy with due to it's height.

I should also say that even though it's smaller, the Prospector definitely has my vote for design...

I've got 42" to work with between the tubes, if anyone has a better cooler recommendation I am all ears.
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K2 120’s work well in the 14’ RMR boats. The key feature of this brand is the latches are fixed to the body so there is no interference with the frame cross bars.
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