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14' Dagger Caper T - Solo Set Up

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Royalex hull set up for solo canyon tripping with a rare Bob Foote Grand Canyon Saddle & NRS Float bags. Easily converted to tandem. Was on the water less than a dozen times back in the 90s. Been stored indoors since. Everything is in very good condition. Asking $900. located in Colorado Springs area. Call or Text 719-Three 3 Eight-4519




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Whoever buys it will be a happy camper. I've had one since 2000, and been down many western rivers always solo (in the canoe). I'm 6'3" and weigh 215 lbs and did not enjoy the little canoes at all. But its doubtful if many can roll it which is a drawback. It will carry a lot of gear if you get rid of the float bags. Its overkill for a lot of rivers where an Appalachian will do but when the water get big its nice to be in a Porche instead of Cadilliac. Especially something like Westwater, MFS or the Main Salmon where you don't have to be on your knees all day except the rapids. The saddle looks great, I leapfrogged camps on the GC with Bob Foote several years ago. He had a group of canoers supported by the big yellow snouts, and they had it going on! His run thru Hermit was great to watch. It is half the battle to outfit the canoe and it is done for you. Just be sure if the canoe is not full of gear to carry at least 2.5 gal of water in the bow so it is slightly bow heavy or you will get slapped all over the place in something like Staircase. Have Fun! Oh, and you don't need a repair kit. Like Gary Nichols told me when I bought a Penobscot at REI many years ago, "if you put a hole in it, no worries, you will be dead anyway".
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