Curious if ya'll think this is a fair price for my boat. Bought it a year ago for 4000 with the trailer. It's hard to find comparable pricing out there for a boat that isn't made anymore. Everything is in good working order save for the cooler which is a POS but keeps things cool at least. Wouldn't include oars or oarlocks but the seat and drybox and all the necessary straps for rigging are included.

In theory I'd like to keep the trailer to haul around my other boat (which is why I'm selling this one, can't justify two) but would sell it if that was the only way someone would buy it. I'd throw the trailer in for another 500 bucks. It's not the nicest trailer in the world but the lights work and the tires are pretty new.

So lemme know what ya'll think in terms of fair pricing, and if you're interested in the boat. Thanks