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13' Cat on Clear Creek

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Probably a stupid question, but can anyone advise me on whether I can take my 13' cat down the Chicago Creek to Kermit's section of Clear Creek? It's 6'5" wide, with 9' oars. Looking for a fun, "shortish" Class II/III run that we can hit after work. Any info will be appreciated - Thanks!
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As Lon as you have a basic rowing skill set, you'll be fine. Couple ledges to punch. No real
Moves, but be ready to pull
Hard for the Kermit's eddy. Ledges below there are a lot bigger.

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Thanks, Dave! Appreciate feedback.

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Hell yea. Looks like Boulder Creek is done rafting for the year so looking for some new front range waters to hit in the oar rig. May have to give this a go. Where are you putting in??
If I can ever get my schedule "tamed," I'd put in at Chicago Creek, across from the Forest Service Visitor Center.

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Yes you can. I have rowed my shredder with 9' oars from Lawson to 119. Some of the commercial companies run small oar rigs as safety boats. Have fun and mind your downstream oar!
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