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  1. Rave or Rant about INFLATABLE BOATS/KAYAKS

    Commercial Posts
    This is Kevin from I just added a new page to my site where you can submit comments on inflatable boats and kayaks. It's your chance to rave or rant about the inflatable you bought online or at your local sporting goods store. Does your inflatable boat or kayak perform...
  2. Star Inflatables

    Whitewater Kayaking
    I'm not sure if this thread has been around or not, so here it goes.... Does anyone know the quality and reputation of Star Inflatable Rafts? They are fairly priced, just wondering if they are cheaply made or?? thanks
  3. Clear Creek in an IK: Enough water now?

    Whitewater Kayaking
    Hey everyone, So the Zoik tandem IKs just arrived and I'd love to try it out on Clear Creek through Golden, but I'm not sure if there is enough water! Has anyone done this stretch recently? I'd guess I only need about 6 inches, but that is just a guess. Cheers, Jim
  4. What exactly is the benefit of a solo IK compared to a tandem?

    Kayaking | Gear Talk
    Hey everyone, I'm considering buying two tandem IKs, either Zoiks or Tomcats for me and the family (wife, 8 yr old, and 4 yr old). But I'm playing with the idea of a tandem and a solo (I'm sure the 4 yr old and I would fit on a solo). Exactly how much more menuverable is a solo? Don't seem to...
  5. Inflatable Kayak shopping

    Kayaking | Gear Talk
    I am in the market for an inflatable kayak. I am not overly experienced but have been out a few times. I would like something durable and versatile that will not cost more than $1000. I have been looking at a Sea Eagle Explorer 380x as it has convertible drains so it can be used for whitewater...
  6. ZOIK line of kayaks....Ducky...Any good?

    Whitewater Kayaking
    I need some advice. Looking into getting the ZOIK ( line of ducky that have advertised here from the events. They good at a fair price. Will they last? These are not like the crap Saturn boats?...Are they? Thanks for all your help.
  7. Anyone ever run a Star "Starlite" or "Yellow Jacket"?

    Kayaking | Gear Talk
    I have been running an orange torpedo for the last few years on small time trips a couple times a summer. Mostly on the Rogue around Galice and a little on the upper Mckenzie East of Eugene. I am ready to step it up to some more challenging water and am looking for an inflatable kayak that is up...
  8. Maintenance tips for a PVC glued kayak

    Kayaking | Gear Talk
    What should I do to ensure a long life for a PVC/glued kayak? I picked up two Zoik PVC kayaks, they come with a 5 year warranty and the guys over at (not where I bought it from) said a well maintained kayak of this type should last 12-13 years. I forgot to ask what proper...
  9. Any insight on Zoik boats?

    Kayaking | Gear Talk
    I'm mainly interested in the solo IK...any thoughts on boat quality from this company would be greatly appreciated.
  10. Zoik inflatables?

    Kayaking | Gear Talk
    Has anyone heard of or used a Zoik inflatable kayak? These are out of Durango, CO. I just bought one, and was currious if anyone else has seen one of these.