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  1. RV Sleeping at Copper in winter

    Winter Buzz
    Does anyone know the official stance Copper Mountain has in regards to sleeping in your Rv in their lots? I have heard differing stories, but have seen Rv's parked in the Alpine lot that were definately there over-night. Is it cool to sleep there without risk of getting booted in the middle of...
  2. Colorado backcountry trip this January - Suggestions Needed!

    Winter Buzz
    Greetings gang, I am planning a trip out to Colorado this January and was hoping to get some recommendations. Here's my scoop: Trip details: 7 days-ish Participants: Myself, my gal pal, and potentially my dog - all winter lovers! Hopes: Igloos, hot springs, and a chance to teach my lady how...
  3. Quick cash for ski's idea (sell it at CKS).

    Commercial Posts
    The paddling season in Colorado is coming to a close. If you're not planning on using your boat this winter, and are looking for an excuse to buy a new pair of ski's, snowboard or bindings, never fear, CKS is here. Bring your boat(s) and/or paddle(s) into our retails store and let us sell it for...
  4. Winter camping at New Mexico Hot Springs

    Winter Buzz
    Howdy, My friend and I are planning to go to New Mexico this week and we're hoping to camp near some hot springs. Does anyone have any suggestions on a good place to go?
  5. Pucon Chile! The trip of a lifetime!

    Commercial Posts
    Run The Shit Check out Kayak Pucon's "Run the Shit" tours! You can paddle for 10 days straight, boats included, on some of the most pristine classic class 3 rivers (ie. liucura and trancura rivers) and class 4 ( maichin and palguin) surrounding Pucon! Great play boating and river running...
  6. Got a winter kayaking jones? (Fort Collins, CO)

    Whitewater Kayaking
    If you want a break from the snow, miss your boat, or just want some exercise on Thursday nights, give kayak polo a try! It's time to sign up for the Mountain Kayak Polo (MKP) winter season at EPIC (Edora Pool/Ice Center) in Fort Collins, CO. Winter season is 8 weeks, each Thursday from...