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whitewater kayaking

  1. Kayak porn

    Whitewater Kayaking
    It's not class 5 action but some of us got together sunday and hit the applegate in cali. It's 3 miles of boating in 20 minutes. KAYAKERS 4 LIFE on Vimeo
  2. Cyber Monday Sale at CKS - Take an additional 15% off of your entire accessory order

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    It's the Holidays, and we've got a good sale going right now. Take an additional 15% off of your entire accessory order including items already on sale (excludes boats and boards). TAKE AN ADDITIONAL 15% off of this AT2 Flexi (one of the best paddles out there), that is already over $100 off...
  3. New Mill Creek video

    Whitewater Kayaking
    The mill creek releases are going on from july 31st till early sept, this is a video of our run on sunday check it out.Rogue Kayakers
  4. Please don't forward this to my boss...

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    Please don’t forward this to my boss… « Outdoor Musings « Down River Kayaks
  5. SUN KOSI, Nepal, April 3rd 2010,

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    We have a few places spare for a raft trip departing the 3rd of April 2010 from Kathmandu for a 9 day trip to the Sun Kosi. The more that come along the cheaper it will be! Get in touch with Maila Gurung on [email protected] if you would like to book your spot on the raft or check...
  6. Female Kayakers- Casting Commercial in Chile

    Whitewater Kayaking
    Hi guys! I'm working with casting director Danielle Eskinazi on a Nature Valley commercial. They are looking to cast a female expert Kayaker (white water kayaking) for a non-union commercial that shoots in Chile next week - the week of Dec. 14th. She must be expert in Kayaking, have a valid...
  7. 2010 Jackson Fun Series Review

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    Here's a review with some info from EJ and Clay Wright on the new 2010 Fun. Clay has some interesting stuff to say about the boat after paddling it for a while at the Gauley. There's a bunch of photos of the changes / features too. 2010 Jackson Kayak Fun Series Product Review | Colorado Kayak...
  8. Ecuador Jan. 9th--2 trips: 1 Class IV, 1 beginner trip

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    Hey Everyone, Any Class IV boaters out there who are trying/hoping to get their friends or significant others into kayaking? We have the perfect trip for you! Jan. 9th-16th, we have 2 trips running in Ecuador. One is a Class IV trip--we'll do some big water playboating, some river running...