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  1. Thwarts for sale: NRS E-180

    Rafts and Accessories
    $150 each or $500 for all 4 53" long, 16.25" diameter Hypalon Leafield C7 valve Batten and attachment on thwart side included, you will need the attachment for the raft side Unused, but a little scuffed from storage. No leaks. Located in Moab, UT Will ship if you pay the shipping. email...
  2. Blue Hyside Thwart

    Blue Hyside Thwart Material: Hypolone Hulky Robert Valves Grommet Ring connection Circumference 40” Length 34” Thwart reference #3 Thwart holds air and have been soaped down and tested. Thwarts are "as is" with no warranty. $60 plus Shipping Shipping calculated based on your location. Local...