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  1. Whitewater Kayaking
    In Boise, orbit fish wanted. finders reward for your networking hospitality. Thank You :) much!! Good day. DM @ [email protected]!!
  2. Play Boats
    Will pay $50 finders fee as well for your networking hospitality. Thank You :) very much. Good Day! wescook91atgmaildotcomYOYO
  3. Commercial Posts
    This is the last month to sign up for the January Betty Surf & Yoga Camp. The Betties are headed to Ecuador for 10 days on the beach learning to surf, working on our downward dogs, sea kayaking, Boot Camp and just about everything else under the Equatorial sun! If you're not waxing up your...
  4. SUP | Stand Up Paddleboarding
    Moved to Bali recently and looking at getting a SUP board. I have a couple surfboards already so the SUP is more for rivers (when they flood here they FLOOD) and having fun on smaller ocean swells. I'm looking for a board with river durability but not something so slow and pigish as to not...
  5. Commercial Posts
    Hello Ladies, Please check out the new Surf and Yoga Camp for women, located in Canoa, Ecuador. You can kick it poolside and beachfront, sipping on Zen and juice, catching some waves and rocking out your sun salutations. I lived in Colorado for 15 years before moving down to Ecuador in 07...
  6. Whitewater Kayaking
    i have recently started river surfing and need some people to surf with. i have been driving to pueblo and glenwood to surf every once in a while....going to try to hit up some small spots at golden tomorrow with the high water (june 26)...i want to find new waves that are closer to the denver...
  7. Whitewater Kayaking
    Hi,this is a different way to see the river. There was a cyclon in my city, a seaside one, and instead of surfing in the beach, some people did surf in the river. Perhaps you like the video Excuse my english please. Hay que aprovechar el ciclon... on Vimeo
1-7 of 7 Results