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  1. THEFT: Kayaks, Paddles, and Gear

    Whitewater Kayaking
    On their way back from the Junior Olympics in North Carolina, Max Karlsson, Nico Tonazzi, and Lauren Burress became the victims when 3 boats and 5 paddles, as well as a clothes bag and a food box were stolen from the Burress's truck and trailer in Sullivan, Indiana. Please send me a PM if you...
  2. Missing (possibly stolen) Green Project 52!!!!

    Kayaking | Gear Talk
    Frontrange paddlers! Hello, and sorry to take any of your time but I would highly appreciate it if you kept an eye and ear out for a lime green wavesport 52 project for sale. I live in Golden and I have been borrowing the boat from the school of mines kayak club, left it in my yard w/ all the...
  3. STOLEN! Habitat 80 and GEAR Gillman Gorge Wednesday 5/26

    Whitewater Kayaking
    ALERT: Our Good Friend's kayak and gear was stolenlast night (Wednesday 5/27, approximately 8:45 p.m.) near the GILMAN GORGE TAKE-OUT. He went chasing after someone’s paddle; retrieved it, stashed his boat on the side of the river (RIVER LEFT near the highway). He hiked back up the river, to...
  4. Stolen raft on 470 run

    Lost & Found
    My raft was stolen today (Friday, 5-29-09). We took out for lunch at South Plate Bar and Grill at about 12:00 P.M. and tied the raft up on shore. After lunch about 1:30 there was no raft. I feel very dumb. Why should I have trusted people not to steal a raft? I found my ice chest down river on...
  5. Lochsa Raft Thief

    Lost & Found
    My 12' Blue Maravia bucket boat was taken from the Lochsa Falls Viewing Area on Sunday May 24th. An early 2000's Brown Dodge 3500 flatbed truck was seen with leaving with the boat headed down river. The boat has a grey single thwart and has peeling blue paint. Please help me find my Jezebel...
  6. STOLEN! Huka & Diesel!!! Canon City, CO.

    Lost & Found
    Stolen from the Banks of the Arkansas River near Canon City, Colorado!!!! Yellow Blisstick Huka! Has RGR 275 RAFT painted on it as well as a black discoloration on underside of bow. Red Wave Sport Diesel! Cracked under seat and a bit worked. Inside it has my name in both... James Whiteside...