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  1. Commercial Posts
    Aaron Koch has an Imagine Surfboards Rapid fire down in Mexico. He's started taking it down some fun waterfall runs. Here's a short blog post on some of his recent travels as well as a review on the board: The Imagine Eco Surfboards Reviewed By Aaron Koch (on a class III waterfall run) |...
  2. Commercial Posts
    We have been having a blast on the super versatile Rubicon SUP. It has a dry hatch, bungees, dog pad, and a displacement hull. check it out...We've got a demo too! The Tahoe SUP Rubicon Stand Up Paddle Board Review | Colorado Kayak Supply Blog
  3. Commercial Posts
    Nicole spent the summer traveling around, and competing in SUP comps. Here's a first hand perspective on her experiences. Confessions of an SUP Addict-An SUP Narrative by Nicole Duke | Colorado Kayak Supply Blog
  4. Commercial Posts
    Michel Leach is a really cool guy who lives up in Montana. He recently bought a C4 Waterman iSUP. He's pretty psyched on the board, and did a review for us. Check it out: C4 Waterman 10'6" iSUP Review by Michael Leach (Customer Review) | Colorado Kayak Supply Blog
  5. Commercial Posts
    Here's a review on the inflatable Kona SUP. It's one of the least expensive options out there, and does really well in rivers and oceans. Tim Kelton took his on a surf trip down to Nicaragua. Sounds like he had a good time.
  6. Commercial Posts
    Our friend Seth had a vision, to take a few days off mid week and get friends together on Westwater Canyon on the Colorado River. Click here to read the entire review Westwater Canyon:A Stand Up Paddlers Paradise | Colorado Kayak Supply Blog
  7. Commercial Posts
    The Surftech BARK 14′ Expeditionary board is a touring / racing / training vessel that will fit nicely into any SUP’ers quiver. It accelerates quickly(and easily), is very stable and has many features that will allow someone to turn this board into an expeditionary machine ready to explore...
  8. Commercial Posts
    ken Hoeve was nice enough to do a review of the board that he's been ripping on lately...The Surftech Laird. Ken Hoeve Reviews The Tuff Lite SurfTech Laird 12'1" | Colorado Kayak Supply Blog
  9. Whitewater Kayaking
    OK, so we have all be hearing about SUP, Stand Up Paddling, and it’s potential in whitewater. The sport of SUP is the fastest growth sector of paddling right now. Most popular being lake and flat-water for the incredible exercise and for how fun it is. We have been dabbling around on the river...
  10. Whitewater Kayaking
    By the end of the summer of 2008 I could not get through a conversation with CKS owner Earl Richmond without him mentioning Stand Up Paddling (SUP). Earl is not a pushy guy, but he was adamant that I try it. Mike Harvey Reviews the Kona SUP and C4 Waterman C-mac | Colorado Kayak Supply Blog
  11. Whitewater Kayaking
    Here's some info in Werner Stand Up Paddles with some photos and video: The Werner Spanker, Carve and Advantage Stand Up Paddle Review | Colorado Kayak Paddle Sports Blog
1-11 of 11 Results