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  1. WTT: Sprayskirt

    Wanted Ads
    I have a basically unused Snapdragon EXP sprayskirt, size L with S tunnel (blue and black). Since it’s older, it has tightened up a bit and I’m not burly enough to stretch it onto my 2010 Jackson Fun. I’d like to trade for a similar quality XL skirt with M tunnel. I’m in Moab.
  2. Sprayskirts

    Whitewater Kayaking
    I'm looking for sprayskirts for a Jackson Little Hero. I am new to the sport, and am looking for a sprayskirt that is easy to wet exit in, but won't implode, and can withstand large water, (III to IV river running, not creeking,) well.
  3. Lost Spray Skirt at Bridges Take Out on the Poudre

    Lost & Found
    Paddled the bridges section yesterday - Sunday, June 20; stowed my boat with my paddling gear in the tall grass, hitch-hiked up to get my car, and then loaded my boat in my car and drove home. When I hung my stuff up to dry, I realized I was missing my black perception spray skirt. Weird...
  4. New Bomber Gear sprayskirts

    Kayaking | Gear Talk
    I’ve seen some really awesome looking new sprayskirts on the new Bomber Gear website. They look sick! I've been hearing some really good things about the new Bomber Gear products but I've never used them. I don't think they're available is stores... only online. I was wondering if anybody has...
  5. Mountainsurf dur-o-ring tunnel size: any suggestions?

    Kayaking | Gear Talk
    So I am in the market for a Mountainsurf dur-o-ring sprayskirt, but can't find any in my area to try on. I know what deck size I need, but need some advice on tunnel size. I have a 34"/35" waist or so and was wondering whether I should get the large or the medium tunnel. I want a dry boat...