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  1. Betties surfing in Ecuador

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    This is the last month to sign up for the January Betty Surf & Yoga Camp. The Betties are headed to Ecuador for 10 days on the beach learning to surf, working on our downward dogs, sea kayaking, Boot Camp and just about everything else under the Equatorial sun! If you're not waxing up your...
  2. win a week of kayaking in Ecuador with Small World Adventures

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    Does a week of kayaking in the tropics, wearing a shorty top, boofing your brains out, and relaxing on the porch each evening sound good to you? Small World Adventures is giving away a week-long kayaking in Ecuador on October 20th, so make sure you sign up for your chance to win! Here’s...
  3. Chile January 2009-seek partners-I own a car in Chile

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    Looking for a couple of mellow, fun, solid paddlers who want to share in the adventure... I bought a Subaru in Chile when I was paddling there last winter, and will be headed back in January 2009 for a paddling road trip, and I am looking for companions for the journey. Basically, heading...