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  1. 1 space left on our Class IV trip Nov. 27th

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    Water levels have been awesome in Ecuador for the past 2 weeks! We have 1 space left on our Class IV Torrents trip at the end of November. You can fly into Quito on Nov. 27th, fly home Dec. 5th and paddle the 7 days in between with Small World Adventures. Check out the trip here: Ecuador...
  2. Win a Jackson Kayak and a trip to Ecuador with SWA

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    Ok Dudes and Dudettes, Only 2 prizes left in Small World Adventures’ summer giveaway contest! October 1st we give away a Jackson Kayak Winner picks a boat from Jackson’s Fun Series 2010 Fun Series Jackson Kayak Then, October 20th we give away a week-long kayaking trip with...
  3. November kayaking trips in Ecuador with SWA

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    Looking for somewhere warm to paddle now that winter is fast-approaching? Small World Adventures still has room on 2 trips in November—come while you are still in shape from a summer of paddling! November 13th-21st Class IV- Ecuador whitewater kayaking in South America, river...