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  1. Ski Antarctica!

    Winter Buzz
    Pretty cool story in a fresh format. Aint in print, and it aint your typical website either. Go here and find the Antarctica story: Or here's the direct link: Feature_Antarctica_v2
  2. Colorado backcountry trip this January - Suggestions Needed!

    Winter Buzz
    Greetings gang, I am planning a trip out to Colorado this January and was hoping to get some recommendations. Here's my scoop: Trip details: 7 days-ish Participants: Myself, my gal pal, and potentially my dog - all winter lovers! Hopes: Igloos, hot springs, and a chance to teach my lady how...
  3. Eiseman Hut - 6 Spaces Available 1/9 &1 /10/10

    Winter Buzz
    I have 6 spaces for sale at Eiseman Hut (near Vail) - Sat 1/9 and Sun 1/10/10. This is a great hut, known for its amazing backcountry skiing. For information on Eisemans and where its located check out If your interested please email me at [email protected] . Thanks!
  4. Need a partner for the Wells Fargo 2-for-1 deal!

    Winter Buzz
    hey all, most of my buddies already bought their passes for a ton of money, and i dont want to do that. does anyone want to go in on the Wells Fargo 2-for-1 Superpass with me? this pass includes unlimited riding at Copper and Winter Park, 6 days at Steamboat, and free half-days at Steamboat...
  5. Snow on Cameron Pass

    Winter Buzz
    Anyone been up to Cameron lately? Know the snow conditions? looking to do something easy like the Montgomery Bowls. Any slides?