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  1. Rafts and Accessories
    AIRE 16 ft Lion Cataraft tubes and a custom Fishing frame, complete with diamond plate decking on top of the pontoons and on the floors throughout. Has a DRE dry box. Has a pair of 9 ft sawyer mxg shafts with duramax blades, and a spare Carlisle oar. 35# Anchor. All on an ALUMA 14ft raft trailer...
    $8,000 USD
  2. Rafts and Accessories
    For Sale: Lightly used 9’ Sawyer MXS wrapped, counterbalanced oars in XW Red with Laminated Fir Oar Blades and 1’ Oar Shaft Extensions in matching XW Red. The photos show oars with extensions attached. Oars and blades are in excellent condition. The extensions are basically new as they have...
    $600 USD
  3. Rafts and Accessories
    Looking to trade brand new counter-balanced 9.5’ sawyer pole cat oars with duramax blades for shorter counter balanced oars. Only used once, just too long for what I need. Brand new and have about $650 invested. Looking for 8’ or 8.5’ counterbalanced oars with shoal cut blades to trade. Will...
1-4 of 4 Results