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san juan river

  1. Found: Groover Seat - Eight Foot Rapid, San Juan River - 9/4/2020

    Lost & Found
    Hit me up to get your seat back and take the 'groove' out of your groover!
  2. Labor Day San Juan info?

    Kayaking | Trip Planner
    I am planning to float the San Juan over Labor day (early September) and am wondering if anyone has done this section, and if they have any suggestions for me. I noticed that the water could be pretty low that time of year. any thoughts on water level, camp sites, etc? Is the water too low...
  3. Spots available for a San Juan trip - Launch May 23

    Kayaking | Trip Planner
    Hi, Due to an unexpected cancellation, we have some extra spots for a San Juan trip (Sand Island - Clay Hills) We have 4 rafts going, 4 families with kids ranging from 7-14. Looking for another family to balance out the group. We are a non smoking, light drinkers. PM if interested.
  4. San Juan River Permit available

    Whitewater Kayaking
    we sadly need to give up our Mex Hat to Clay Hills permit for June 17-22 Cancer return in family member has reprioritized our plans No one from our group willing to be trip leader without us. size 22 Camps already set for Night 4 slickhorn C Night 5 Grand Gulch, solstice We paid for the permit...