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  1. Gore Safety Plan

    Whitewater Kayaking
    Since I pissed and moaned about safety I decided to write this. It's the first draft and I wrote it in about an hour, and if I can figure out how to let people edit it on google docs then I'll open it to collaborative editing ... maybe. I'll try to work updates if you give them to me but a...
  2. LIFELINK / safety communication device

    Kayaking | Gear Talk
    Very Interesting Design Concept, LIFELINK by Peter Murphy LIFELINK is a saftey communication device for White Water Raft Guides. It establishes a link of communication between Guides, Basecamp and Emergency Services, which at present, does NOT exist. Benefiting the safety and cofidence of both...
  3. Swiftwater Rescue Course in Durango, CO

    Commercial Posts
    Southwest Rescue is offering Swiftwater Rescue Technician 1 and Whitewater Rescue Technician courses in Durango, CO this spring. Certifications are through Rescue 3 International. June 1-3, 2010 Durango, CO Email [email protected] or visit for more information.
  4. Upper Animas Survival Story, escaping a deadly strainer.

    Whitewater Kayaking
    I never intended to make public a story of my near death experience on the Animas River last Monday, however the lead River Guide present suggested that I post something that may provide some inspiration to boaters out there. With so many recent stories of deaths on the river maybe a survival...
  5. Jet skis on the Colorado at Glenwood Wave and South Canyon

    River Access & Safety Alerts!
    Today Saturday the 18th of July I was buzzed by two jet skis at south canyon. The wave wasn't in so I headed to the Glenwood playpark where these two guys were jumping there jet skis off the concrete blocks that are just under water on the river left side. As far as I know this part of the...
  6. ACA Safety and Instructor Clinics/Courses for 2009 Announced

    Whitewater Kayaking
    (Admin - Sticky?) Renaissance Adventure Guides Announces ACA Courses for 2009! Whether you need an update on your certification, or just want to take a Swiftwater Rescue Clinic, here are the dates (below). Please contact us for pricing, group discounts and reservations. Renaissance Adventure...