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  1. Virtual Gauley Fest Sale - 10% off featured products - 10% of proceeds support American Whitewater!

    Rocky Mountain Rafts
    This year, Gauley Fest is going virtual! The Zoom event will happen on Wednesday, September 23, at 7:30 p.m. Join us in support of American Whitewater and its mission to protect and restore our country’s rivers. Featured Products We’re having a sale! In celebration of Virtual Gauley Fest...
  2. SB-95 9.5′ ThunderCloud

    Rocky Mountain Rafts
    Our newest creation, the ThunderCloud, was born from the smaller Cloud 9. Bulking up to 9’7” and 72 lbs, the 20” diminishing tubes, and progressive rocker will have you ripping in and out of eddies and carving up boulder gardens like a slalom skier. A play boat that’s fast, yet extremely...
  3. WTB - 14' Raft (and frame?)

    Rafts and Accessories
    Title says all. Looking to upgrade from my Scadden shit storm cat. I fish in CO so I'm thinking 14' and any boat that hasn't been totally put through the ringer - been there with the Scadden. I don't necessarily need a trailer. I'll need a frame as well - 3 man fisherman frame. But let me see...
  4. Sold 16' Orange Avon Raft, trailer, frame, oars, and everything else

    Rafts and Accessories
    This is an entire package deal, everything will be sold together so please don't contact me for individual items. The only item that I would consider not selling as part of the package is the trailer. Everything is in good condition. This package deal includes 2008 yacht club single axle steel...
  5. RMR 9.5’ thundercloud

    Looking to teach the kids paddle rafts. Anyone have one for sale?
  6. Long time boater, new member

    New Member Introductions
    Howdy. Been lurking on and off here for years. Figured it was time to jump in. I was a raft guide in the late ‘90s and have been through many boats from kayaks to duckies to rafts to cats. Currently in a 15’ Vanguard and I’m looking to add an RMR 9.5’ Thunder Cloud to the quiver. Itching to...