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  1. SOLD Cargo Net

    Rafts and Accessories
    Cargo Net. 5' x 8' 25.00 Mike: Nine Seven -0 - Seven Four 9- Fifteen 21.
  2. Cats in the Canyon

    Rafting | Gear Talk
    Hey Y'all, I have a Grand Canyon trip coming up at the end of Oct. I'm working on my rigging, rearranging my frame and making some upgrades to my setup for the 28 day tip. I run a 14' Aire Lion and I love it. Does anyone out there in the ethos have any advice for a rigging a cataraft for the GC...
  3. Sleeping options for rafts

    Rafting | Gear Talk
    Anyone have any photos of sweet rigging/decking systems for sleeping on your raft? (2 people) The Dory guys can't have all the fun.