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  1. Lost & Found
    Lost Sawyer MX Oar/Dynelite blade Upper C Pumphouse :sad: Lost my brand new Sawyer MX-G on the upper Colorado about 200 yards past Eye of the needle. The oar was not even 24 hours old. They are Dark Blue with rope wrap and Dynelite blade. They also have a broken leash on the oar shaft. Please...
  2. Lost & Found
    $100 reward for: Orange Jackson Star and Orange Werner (bent shaft) paddle, Stolen from the bushes at the Quartzite put-in on the Rio Grande (Pilar, New Mexico) while running shuttle. (also stolen: red Grateful Heads helmet- small, and black river booties) $100 reward, no questions asked, will...
  3. Lost & Found
    My 12' Blue Maravia bucket boat was taken from the Lochsa Falls Viewing Area on Sunday May 24th. An early 2000's Brown Dodge 3500 flatbed truck was seen with leaving with the boat headed down river. The boat has a grey single thwart and has peeling blue paint. Please help me find my Jezebel...
  4. Lost & Found
    Stolen from the Banks of the Arkansas River near Canon City, Colorado!!!! Yellow Blisstick Huka! Has RGR 275 RAFT painted on it as well as a black discoloration on underside of bow. Red Wave Sport Diesel! Cracked under seat and a bit worked. Inside it has my name in both... James Whiteside...
1-4 of 4 Results