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  1. ISO rafters etc in St. George or Mesquite...Las Vegas

    Boaters Forum | General Boating Topics
    Hey folks, we use to live in Oregon and of course there was a large population of rafters to boat with. Now that we live in Mesquite, Nv we do not know any rafters in the area. Thought it might be nice to meet some new people and plan river trips. We boat all kinds of rivers, not just...
  2. Take Electric Mountain Bike Down River

    Rafting | Gear Talk
    My wife and I are planning to raft rivers throughout the continent, driving from spot to spot in our little bus. We're thinking an electric mountain bike would help, and here's the idea. We'd go to the putin, and rig for the trip. Then one of us would drive to the takeout, park our rig, and...
  3. 15ft NRS expedition vs 15ft Aire

    Rafting | Gear Talk
    We had an 8 day trip on salmon Main in June. Flow was 13k at put-in and about 40k at the take out. I have a 15ft NRS, but I swapped a few miles on the oars with my buddy that has a 15ft Aire. The Aire seemed to be much more maneuverable and a little faster even when loaded down. Has anyone...
  4. Kayak to bring on multi day rafting trip on Snake River, Hells Canyon to Heller.

    Whitewater Kayaking
    My first multi-day raft trip, 6 days on river. Self supported with 3 rafts paddled by my friends. I can bring a boat with me for fun, but as I haven't been on the river before, not quite sure what to bring. Boat will be strapped to raft for the big 3, Sheep's, Granite, Waterspout as the raft...
  5. Leavenworth WA Rafting

    Rafting | Trip Planner
    The family and I will be in Leavenworth for the back half of July. It's our first time there. If the boating sounds promising, I will bring my 14' SOTAR and rowing frame. Looking for class III/easy class IV runs in the area, and would love to hear from any local boaters in the area. The...
  6. Hello rafting community! ISO: used paddles, other gear

    New Member Introductions
    Howdy! My wife and I just decided to get into rafting this year and we are picking up our new boat in a few days! (STAR Outlaw 120) This forum has been immensely helpful in our research. None of our friends paddle (lame) so we are starting from scratch. If any of you have used gear you would be...
  7. Jarbidge-Bruneau min packrafting flow?

    Kayaking | Trip Planner
    my old copy of western whitewater says you can 'tube' it down to 150cfs. most of what I am finding online says 500 for kayaks but just wondering if packrafting it at say 350 is good to go or will tear up the boat? Many thanks.
  8. Main Salmon rafting availablity

    Rafting | Trip Planner
    Me and my wife are looking to join a group that may have room for 2 people on Main Salmon anytime in the first half of July. We have our own gear and can self support or help with anything. Also, is there a forum somewhere else where I can find groups looking for more people? Thanks.
  9. Colorado Packrafting Extravaganza

    Rafting | Trip Planner
    Recently I joined a couple of friends from Arizona and Utah on a week’s long packrafting extravaganza of Colorado whitewater. The tour included the Piedra, EF & WF San Juan, Mesa section of the San Juan, Arkansas, Roaring Fork, Crystal, Gore Creek and the Eagle river. With so much incredible...
  10. New to Rafting (Utah)

    Boaters Forum | General Boating Topics
    I have traveled all over the world and white water rafted a lot of countries as a tourist (Germany, Austria, Colorado, Honduras, Colombia, Philippines) and it always left me wanting longer, harder and independent. So I bought a Star raft this year and planned to do the local class II's and work...
  11. Looking for whitewater rafting partners

    Rafting | Trip Planner
    Hello....looking to hook up with some fellow rafters to get out on some whitewater with. I'm a kayaker making the switch over to rowing. I've got a Mini-Max with an oar frame that I'm trying to get more proficient at. I've kayaked over 30 years and worked as a river guide back east and on the...
  12. For Sale One Blue Rafting Oar. With clip and blade. 8ft long. $50

    Rafts and Accessories
    One Blue Rafting Oar with clip and blade. In good used condition. 8ft long. Located in Ft Collins CO. $50, cash. Tom. 970-430-0760
  13. #$%#@ Corona. I'm going rafting

    Whitewater Rafting
    At least that's what kitty says...
  14. ISO Rafting Paddles

    Rafts and Accessories
    Looking for 3-4 rafting paddles. Ideally 60" long, but open to other options. Based in the Front Range area, and could easily come to pick them up if they're close by.
  15. NRS Low Back Padded Rafting Seat

    Rafts and Accessories
    NRS Low Back Padded Rafting Seat Like new, never mounted. Retail is $120. See link to CL ad below:
  16. Various Rafting gear: Drop bags, Rocket boxes, Pumps, Toilet Systems, Boat Bag

    Rafts and Accessories
    Please see links below for details: Eco Safe Rocket Box Toilet System - $175 DOWN RIVER DROP BAG with Cover - $80...
  17. Thwart bags for day paddle rafting?

    Rafting | Gear Talk
    I run a superpuma as either a paddle raft or with a row frame, and have been taking it down river for a bit. This weekend I went through all of my gear and am now itching to get back on the water. My day kit consists of a small repair kit, kpump, small first aid kit, and small pin kit...
  18. Boise Rafting

    Rafting | Trip Planner
    Some friends and I will be in Boise the weekend of September 18th and we are looking for a 1 day rafting trip within 3-5 hours from Boise. Any recommendations? I've looked up the Snake River through Hell's Canyon and it looks awesome but I can't find any outfitters online that do day trips...
  19. California rafting ideas?

    Whitewater Rafting
    ...we got skunked on permits this year, and one idea we are toying with is taking a trip to California to chain together some of the more popular day runs and / or overnight raft runs. I'm not very familiar with the geography or rivers of California, and was wondering what a feasible itinerary...
  20. Rafting Personality Test...

    Whitewater Rafting I've posted a link to my totally unscientific rafting personality test. What else do you have to do in January? Enjoy, Eric