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  1. Whitewater Kayaking
    I was recently searching around, i am a newbie, only have rafted once, class 2, the colorado river? like i am confused as to where exactly its at? i have heard like a bunch of diff names all linking to it, like arkansas river etc, i am confused, I read an article i found here and the video...
  2. Whitewater Dories
    im running westwater next week and my friend wants to bring his drift boat/dory. level is about 4000. anyone know if this is a good or bad idea? thanks.
  3. Kayaking | Gear Talk
    Hello and Thank You! My husband and I are trying to start our own Whitewater Hardgoods Company (hopefully this spring!) and we were wondering... :confused:What's missing out there?:confused: We'd like to focus on ways to move boats to and from the river and custom accessories (IE...
  4. Whitewater Kayaking
    Hi Just wondering if anyone has taken a WFR or other course from Remote Medical International? I would like to take a WFR from them but haven't heard about them before. Thanks
1-4 of 4 Results