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  1. I blame Fort Collins

    The Eddy
    So Fort Collins, the poudre is pretty awesome and I'm harnessing my paddle skills on it, all is going well. Hit up a play park yesterday and realized, compared to my river running skills, my play is scrappy at best. I kindly ask, as so many others have before me, BUILD A PLAY PARK!
  2. Best C1 kit for an allstar?

    Kayaking | Gear Talk
    Looking to convert an allstar hull into C1. NO innards are intact. Anybody have a good kit that is reasonable to get it going without me having to buy tons of closed cell foam blocks? Would also be interested in the guts to the boat (for traditional K1 again) if anybody has a broken jackson...
  3. SUP in an Irrigation Ditch

    Whitewater Kayaking
    When the flows dropped on a local play spot, we put away the kayaks and pulled out the SUPs. Check out the full story here: Mystery Hole YouTube - Mystery Hole SUP