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  1. Lost PFD on Poudre - NRS Zen Rescue - Bridges take out 7/23

    Lost & Found
    After a private rafting trip past the Mish I took off a borrowed PFD (NRS - Zen Rescue) and set it by the raft in the parking lot attended by our significant others. I shuttled up to get another car and the vest was gone. Let me know if you see or hear anything about this PFD 970 286 8827. Had...

    Lost & Found
    Found blue PFD at the Canon City Whitewater Park, on June 21, 2010. You describe the brand and size and I'll throw it your way.
  3. Found: Astral PFD on Delores

    Lost & Found
    Found 6/9/10 on the banks near Three Mile rapid. I was not able to find any of what you were smoking. Identify to claim.
  4. PFD for the ladies

    Kayaking | Gear Talk
    Looking for a good pfd for my girlfriend for x-mas. looking in the <$100 range, comfy but not necessarily kayak specific. Any ladies have good recommendations on brand/model? Anybody have one for sale in good condition? Saw some pretty sweet deals online for an Astral Hybrid and...
  5. Astral Tempo 100 vs 200; differences?

    Kayaking | Gear Talk
    Anybody know what are the main differences b/t the Astral Tempo 100 and 200 PFDs? Thanks! -Tony
  6. Lost:New Astral PFD Durango

    Lost & Found
    I lost my wifes brand new Red Astral PFD this summer (of course we hadn't put our name and number on it yet). It would be great to get back into her good graces by finding this. Thanks everybody! Shawn 970-385-6861