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  1. Rafts and Accessories
    looking for any paddles people have laying around. They don’t have to be new or pretty or match. I’m sure I’ll stumble upon some on the bank at some point, but would like them for this summer. looking for 5 or 6 or so. Willing to pay
  2. Partner's Forum
    Winter is the best time to treat your wood and composite products with our DIY materials. Our YouTube Channel also features tips on installation, maintenance, and helpful information on product selection and sizing. Find what you need at your local Dealer or order online at...
  3. Accessories
    G-power canoe paddle (Hunter) 133cm, has top repair and slight sun fading but very structurally sound-$100 Located in Garden Valley, Idaho - more pics available ya
  4. Whitewater Kayaking
    Here's a review on a new paddle....The Eddy. If you liked the AT Edge, you'll like this one too.