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  1. Paddle Leak?

    Kayaking | Gear Talk
    Any one fix a paddle that leaked water inside the shaft? I have a Werner Rio that I can hear water in. I'm currently storing on end to see if it will drain. Has anyone found a fix to drain and or repair?
  2. Lost Oar near Rancho Del Rio

    Lost & Found
    Lost 9’ Cataract oar Saturday September 5th. If found please text 970-275-2948. Bottle of Crown if found!!! B-Russ
  3. Super Puma rental in Boulder!

    Partner's Forum
    Reserve your ride on the Super Puma with our "Team America" rental package
  4. Win a Werner Paddle, Jackson Kayak, week of kayaking in Ecuador!

    Commercial Posts
    Only 3 prizes left in Small World Adventure’s summer giveaway! They are all awesome prizes, so you’ll want to make sure to enter our contest. What’s left? September 15th we’ll give away a Werner Paddle! Werner Paddles :: Home The winner can choose the paddle they want up to...
  5. Need Opinions... I broke Somone Else's Paddle....

    Whitewater Kayaking
    I have a friend of a friend... he is about a twice a year boater... he has a large 55 gallon drum plastic patch on the bottom of his old M3 kinda guy. About a year ago we were casually paddling some class 3 and the bright idea came up to switch around paddles and try something new... so I handed...
  6. Lost paddle on Clear Creek 7/8/10

    Lost & Found
    I was unable to recover my paddle after a bumpy swim through screamin' 1/4 mile last night. It is a blue Carlisle paddle, with a sticker from a rafting company in Maine and the name Taylor Janes (friend I bought it from) with a phone number on it. If found, don't bother calling that number [he...
  7. Lost Backpack on Filter Plant, Fort Collins, Poudre

    Whitewater Kayaking
    I lost a backpack on Filter Plant on 7/1 and I will offer a reward for anyone finding it plus some good river karma (which we all need). Inside of it are a couple cans of Fat Tire, a water bottle, and 2 sets of car keys. The keys are in a ziploc bag inside of a zippered pocket, which is hard...
  8. Found paddle Bridal Veil Provo River Utah

    Lost & Found
    Found this a week or two back below Bridal Veil rapid. If you lost your paddle here, give me a call 801-349-8862 and if you can ID it, let's try and get you reunited.
  9. LOST: Orange Werner Player Paddle, Colorado River Below Glenwood

    Lost & Found
    Yo. Had a nasty little swim today at the glenwood playpark and had my boat and paddle float away. Recovered the boat at South Canyon, but the paddle was nowhere to be seen. Definitely a reward. Thanks, Luke Lubchenco (970)309-0579
  10. FOUND purple seven2 paddle/in-town Poudre

    Lost & Found
    I found a purple seven2 carbon paddle behind the CSU engines lab where the Poudre crosses College Ave (Jun 7). There is a name and a phone number written on the paddle in sharpie - tell me the name and number and it's yours. P.S. I did try the number but it went straight to voicemail - maybe...
  11. another lost paddle on the poudre- black 7-2

    Lost & Found
    well, the river gods sure are on a roll. the poudre is quite enthusiastic right now! i lost my paddle right before greyrock bridge on a bridges run. if you run across a black 7-2 paddle (it is black with blue grips and has yellow electric tape all over it) it would be very much appreciated if...
  12. LOST Paddle in Gilman Canyon

    Lost & Found
    I lost my paddle in Gilman Canyon yesterday. Last seen in Fall Creek rapid below the crux. If found please call, 970-376-1886. Beer is the reward!!!! Thanks
  13. Lost AT Paddle on Ruby Horsethief on 5/8/10

    Lost & Found
    BEER REWARD!! Lost AT paddle above the Blackrocks campsites on May 8, 2010 on the Ruby Horsethief section of the Colorado River. It is an AT 3 "Edge"...195cm / 15 degree offset (custom made). The entire paddle is black with yellow edges on the blades. The ID is worn off, but it does have...
  14. Lost Paddle on Lower Blue

    Lost & Found
    Lost my AT paddle by the big strainer in the canyon. Please call Samantha Romero 970-366-8660
  15. Found Kayak Paddles in Grand Junction

    Lost & Found
    I found kayak paddles in Grand Junction area.
  16. Reward! Stolen Jackson Star

    Whitewater Kayaking
    $100 Reward for the following stolen gear: Orange Jackson Star Kayak, Orange Werner bent shaft paddle, as well as a red Grateful Heads helmet and black river booties. These were stolen from the bushes at the Quartzite put-in on the Rio Grande in Pilar/Taos, New Mexico while running shuttle...
  17. Reward! Stolen Jackson Star

    Betty Buzz
    $100 Reward for: Orange Jackson Star, Orange Werner Bent Shaft paddle, as well as red Grateful Heads Helmet, and black river booties. Stolen from the bushes at the Quartzite put-in on the Rio Grande (Pilar/Taos, New Mexico) while running shuttle. I am asking all those in the boating...
  18. Lost Paddle: Lower Mish

    Lost & Found
    Beverage reward for lost werner paddle. Black shaft, white blades. If found, please call 720.219.6521 or e-mail [email protected] Good boater karma will be yours forever.

    Lost & Found
    lost H20 paddle in right side log jam on daisy on saturday.... reward if found. No name on it... doesnt mean i wont miss it. 575-779-9310 Hans
  20. Lost: Werner paddle on lake creek

    Lost & Found
    I dun up-an'-lost my paddle yesterday on Lake creek somewhere above brains... it's a Werner Double Diamond straight shaft and there is no name or number on it. I would very much appreciate getting it back if its found and will offer treasure/cash as a reward. thanks Niko 970-769-3580