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  1. 2020 16-foot Star Outlaw - 2200$

    Rafts and Accessories
    2020 16-foot Star Outlaw purchased about two weeks ago, I opened the box and inflated it in my basement and have realized that I would like to go a different direction. Literally has never even come close to seeing water. Bomber PVC boat with nice huge tubes. 2200$ I have 3 10 foot Carlisle oar...
  2. Star Outlaw 160

    Rafting | Gear Talk
    Hey team! so I’m building my (poverty) Big river/GC rig and after quite a bit of research I’ve decided the best college student boat was a 16-foot outlaw (star). After unrolling it and inspecting the extremely small sticker D rings I can’t help but worry that I might have overestimated the build...
  3. lost blue dagger outlaw

    Lost & Found
    we lost a blue dagger outlaw on the upper colorado. 6/6/10. The kayak was stuck on a rock under water, just past yarmany, river right. Has contact info inside or call Dustin Rhodes 712-251-8830...thank you