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  1. Rafting | Trip Planner
    Up until this week when the east-slope runoff reached around 1000 cfs, the releases from Olympus Dam were held at 125 cfs. The excess was tunneled over to make hydropower. That is still happening, but the last few days there is more than hydropower can use, so the Big Thompson has been running...
  2. Kayaking | Trip Planner
    Check back on this thread for updates posted as comments/replies. To get started, the Colorado Flood Threat Outlook (Flood Threat Outlook) is predicting: "Willow Park (a high altitude Snotel site), for example, is currently about 35% above the seasonal median, which could increase to 50-70%...
  3. Kayaking | Trip Planner
    From the Bureau of Rec: "C-BT water deliveries to the river are now being supplied by releases from Oly dam. Expect a similar method of C-BT project water delivery to the river throughout the Cottonwood Siphon outage (mid-November)." Photo: from Northern Water, the Charles Hansen Feeder Canal...
1-3 of 3 Results