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  1. Whitewater Rafting
    Has anyone rowed with a person on the front of their phatcat? I've seen pictures of phatcats super loaded down so I'm thinking it would I'm kicking around some ideas for accessing some smaller water (serviced by a class IV put in) here in CO. Talk to me about sitting on the front and...
  2. Rafts and Accessories
    13’ RMR COMPLETE fishing rig. Down River equipped, 3 oars, tools, 2 throw bags, 4 fly rod holders, diamond plate floor, custom cover, high volume pump, straps, beeners, 30lb anchor, no patches - great boat and more PLUS TRAILER
    $10,500 USD
  3. Rafts and Accessories
    I am selling a full set up that will get you on the river today! I'm the second owner of this raft. This will be my 3rd season on it and I was told it was 1 season old when purchased at a raft swap. Included is the raft, frame with oar towers, three oars, cooler, custom sitting/storage deck...
1-3 of 3 Results