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  1. Rafts and Accessories
    4 / NRS Thwarts for Pennel Orca Rafts $800 for set, Firm. Thwarts with Batten slides only, (NO raft side female loop pieces) I have a set of 4 - NRS Thwarts for sale - Brand New! Fits these NRS Boats ( O-140, O-150, OL-140, E-140, E-141, E-150, E-161, E-162D ) I prefer to to sell these as a...
  2. Rafts and Accessories
    Hello All, I am looking to trade my outfitted 14 foot NRS Revolution for a Hyside MiniMax with oars and frame. The Revolution is in great overall condition. The tubes hold air for days and the boat performs really well on big water. This model of Revolution is made with urethane coated nylon...
  3. Rafts and Accessories
    Looking to purchase a used Hyside MiniMax. I would prefer to purchase a full set up with frame and oars, but am very open to the rubber only. I am also open to trading my ~2005 14ft NRS Revolution with 2017 hyside frame and cataract counterbalanced oars, with bonus 110l rubbermaid cooler...
1-3 of 3 Results