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  1. Commercial Posts
    Nicole Mansfield did a review on her Werner Double Diamond. Great paddle, great company and great warranty. They are made with care in the US (Sultan Washington) and will stand the test of time (and hard knocks on manky rocks). The Werner Double Diamond Review By Nicole Mansfield | Colorado...
  2. Commercial Posts
    I know that Nicole Mansfield is on Team Pyranha, and is reviewing the Molan. Even though she may be a bit biased towards her sponsors boats, she has been ripping in it(all of the demshitz crew has), and has some really good insight into the boat, including how it is a bit narrower than the star...
  3. Commercial Posts
    Hybrid river/touring kayaks are all the rage these days. Check out Nicole Mansfield's Pyranha Fusion test drive. She definitely pushes the boat to the limits.
1-3 of 3 Results