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  1. Kayaking | Gear Talk
    I'm extremely new to paddling and I already love it and am trying to decide on which boat I should buy out of these three. I am 5'9" 145 lbs and size 10 shoe. I live right by the Chatahoochee River which is home to an amazing Whitewater Course that ranges from Class I to Class V depending on...
  2. Rafting | Gear Talk
    Hey all, I am thinking of buying a raft for my family (wife and 3 elementary age boys) and for more adventurous rafting with friends. Of course as my boys get older we will be seeking out bigger adventures as well. :) Locally, there is a NRS Otter 120 for sale on craigslist: "Used only a...
  3. Kayaking | Trip Planner
    My wife and I are getting our 13' raft tomorrow. We plan on running the N. Platte from Pickaroon to Treasure Island a few times next week and possibly the Big Laramie (Woods Landing section) to get the feel for the boat and whittle down our camping gear selection. I just finished The Complete...
1-3 of 3 Results