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  1. Rafts, Dories, Packrafts, SUP, and Accessories
    EDIT - Lowered the price a bit on these. 3 brand new (still in the plastic) 9' Cataract SGG rope wrapped and Counterbalanced oars. Black (currently with no stops). I bought these thinking they were NOT counterbalanced. These are $751.50 from NRS ($225.50 each from NRS, plus $75 shipping...
    $650 USD
  2. Rafts and Accessories
    Bought a new 42 inch dry box at the same time I bought a new raft. Sizing on the Raft ended up being a little off from specs and the drybox is a little long for what I need. Make an offer! I paid 436 for it w/ taxes and shipping. I'm looking to flip it locally. Specs below. 42"L x 16"W x 18"H...
    $375 USD
  3. Rafts & Accessories
    New dry box showed up before the boat. Long story short, the dry box doesn't fit, as the specs on the boat were slightly off. I paid 436 for it with shipping / taxes. Specs on the Dry Box are below I'm local in Denver, CO. "42" 42"L x 16"W x 18"H 37 lbs. $411 Heavy Duty...
1-3 of 3 Results