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  1. Lost & Found
    Pm to identify. Only problem is I haven’t ever got a pm so I may not see it. If no response reply to this post. I will be glad to see them back in the owners hands.
  2. Lost & Found
    Lost GoPro 7 mounted to a headstrap. Amazing Trip was with Aggipah. Flipped boat in Rubber Rapid and GoPro went solo swimming. Hoping that it turns up. I really just want the memory card back (it has 2 or 3 days of footage on it). The camera can be yours if you find it. There is no ID on the...
  3. Lost & Found
    Help! My tool kit jumped out of my trailer between the Colorado Monument and Dewey Bridge. It's painted white with NRS, ACA, Grateful Dead and other stickers. It has wrenches, gloves, pressure guage, and other tools in it. Lindsay 303 Seven One Eight 6940
  4. Lost & Found
    I left my dark green Patagonia fleece on a rock while shedding layers at a break spot somewhere on river right. I think it was maybe a few miles downstream of Honaker, but not sure since, it was a non-descript spot for a pee break. I am pretty sure this was on October 31. Hoping maybe someone...
  5. Lost & Found
    Hello all. Wondering if anyone found a yellow Paco on the road out of the westwater takeout. Please let me now if you did :) Thanks, -Scott
  6. Lost & Found
    Just got home from a ruby horsethief trip and found a drybag with some gear in it that isn't mine. Looks like a member of our group threw the bag in my car in our hasty de-rig, not verifying that the identical drybag to ours didn't contain our gear. I feel terrible! Name the color of drybag and...
  7. Lost & Found
    Did anyone recover a Badfish Surf Traveler paddleboard from Ruby Horsethief last weekend (10/16)? To our dismay and surprise, we wrapped our paddleboard around a rock in fast water on the left channel around a long island downstream from the Fault Line campsites and were not able to recover it...
  8. Lost & Found
    I left a black NRS dry duffel at Blackadar Camp on the Main Salmon - end of June 2021. Some of the contents therein are really important to me, and thus I'm trying once more to see if someone may have picked it up or knows someone who did. I've checked with the river rangers and posted...
  9. Lost & Found
    I lost my phone, a Pixel 3XL at the Rocky Point campsite on Thursday, Sept. 17th. My best guess is I lost it near the river, or possibly in the river while rigging to leave in the morning. It was running around 11,000 cfs at the time. I'd say call me if you find it, but that's not going to work...
  10. Whitewater Rafting
    River guide/map left on upper San Juan. Likely left at Lime Ridge camp or possibly Ledge. Would love to get it back!
  11. Lost & Found
    San Juan River flash flood gear loss 🤦‍♂️. Please keep an eye out for a ~20x84" metal table and two jumbo ammo cans (25mm) lost from Ledge camp! UPDATE The table remains missing but the ammo cans have been found and returned! They floated 29 miles down from Ledge before getting picked up just...
  12. Lost & Found
    I am nearly certain I left this at Mee corner, but it could have been at Banjo. It is a leaf print in pale light green, blue, purple, white. I can't remember if is it size S or M. Reward for return.
  13. Lost & Found
    Lost a 10 foot Cataract oar SGX blue/ green color in Meandering Rapids. Several of us watched it move along in the water before it disappeared. This happened Sunday July 25. Guessing you can see it now with low water. Has a black blade on it and a rounded oar stop. Does not have an oar lock...
  14. Lost & Found
    We pinned a boat in Rapid 24 in Cataract Canyon on July 7th, 2021. In the process we lost a drybag containing canyoneering gear (rope, harnesses, webbing, rappel devices, sand trap). Please get in touch at [email protected] if you find it. Thank you!
  15. Whitewater Rafting
    If any of you find a Cataract raft paddle, please let me know and I will reward you with beer. Flipped at the flippy rock below pineview last night so is probably hung up around bridges somewhere. Thanks for your help. added a picture to show what it looks like - not very visible coloring...
  16. Lost & Found
    Anyone missing an iPhone from their Smith trip? It appears to be an XR. Message me with a description of the case and the lock screen photo to claim.
  17. Winter Buzz
    12/30 Found a pair of skis up the Poudre Canyon. They were left stuck in the snow bank. We would like to reunite them with their owner (970) 556-8474 FTC.
  18. Lost & Found
    Hi all, Just got off the MF Salmon. Left a Mystery Ranch Metcalf backpack under a bush on the north end of Parrot Placer Camp. I'll throw $100 and my eternal gratefulness to anyone who returns it and its contents (another small pack and water filter) to me. That's the last time I buy a camo pack :)
  19. Lost & Found
    My name is Aaron Akins and I’m the co-founder of Karmik Outdoors, along with my good friend Robert Gillingham. This is more or less a repost from the 'new member forum', but I found it appropriate to introduce Karmik Outdoors in the Lost & Found forum also. Robert and I are both outdoorsmen...
  20. New Member Introductions
    My name is Aaron Akins and I’m the co-founder of Karmik Outdoors, along with my good buddy Robert Gillingham. Robert and I are both outdoorsmen who live (and play) in SW Idaho. Whether it be paddling, fly fishing, hunting, backpacking, mountain biking or anything in between - we live for the...
1-20 of 64 Results