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  1. Lost & Found
    Lost Sunday 6.26.2022 on the Clackamas below Memaloose Bridge. 20$reward
  2. Lost & Found
    Hello all, lost a paddle on clear creek on Kermits run. 66” Hyside raft paddle with blue blade. Let me know if you if you picked it up, thanks!
  3. Lost & Found
    And we're back in between swims... 7/5 Lost Werner Shogun, Black with yellow and blue tape on the shaft. Both of the blades are a little chewed up un the underside. Thanks in advance!
  4. Lost & Found
    Lost the paddle on elbow falls the evening of that Thurs. Thanks to the group that got my boat. It's a werner bent shaft with orange blades. 197cm I think. Should still have the paddle wax on the grips. TJ 303-358-5130
  5. Lost & Found
    well, the river gods sure are on a roll. the poudre is quite enthusiastic right now! i lost my paddle right before greyrock bridge on a bridges run. if you run across a black 7-2 paddle (it is black with blue grips and has yellow electric tape all over it) it would be very much appreciated if...
  6. Lost & Found
    On the odd chance that anyone found my yellow werner paddle w/ snap dragon pogies somewhere on Escalante Creek, it would be cool if I could have it again. It was last seen floating away below double drop this afternoon after I stupidly knocked it into the creek while rescuing my buddy's boat. It...
  7. Lost & Found
    We lost two 10ft. blue raft oars with wooden Sawyer blades, they are counter balanced with black rope wrap and oar rights on them. We flipped under the Bob Bridge in Avon, and they are somewhere between there and... who knows where. Unfortunately I didn't have our name on them, but fix that if...
1-7 of 8 Results