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  1. Lost & Found
    I rescued an abandoned Kayak from a strainer a few months ago on the San Juan river on the Mesa Canyon section in Pagosa Springs. Sorry, I'm slow and just getting around to posting it but I'd like to get it returned to the rightful owner if possible. Please describe lost kayak and PM me your...
  2. Lost & Found
    Last Saturday I lost my Liquid Logic Remix 69 (White) on clear creek near tunnel 1. There was a sighting on Monday that it was lodged near the diversion, but is no longer there so hoping that someone else has seen it since. Thanks, adam [email protected]
  3. Lost & Found
    My kayak is sitting on river left bank just below 1st mudslide in the lower gorge. It is a yellow pyranha burn with my name and info inside. The doc says I can't boat for 6-8 weeks so I'm not in a huge rush to get it back, but if anyone is rafting through and coud pick it up it would be much...
1-3 of 3 Results