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  1. Lost & Found
    Took out in a haste and left my 3 simple oars (blue) for my small cat at around 530pm on 8/13. Please contact me as they're not expensive but a hard size to replace. REWARD plus good karma :) Thanks!
  2. Lost & Found
    Lost Sunday 6.26.2022 on the Clackamas below Memaloose Bridge. 20$reward
  3. Whitewater Rafting
    We found a brand new oar right above Susan Creek boat access on Sunday 6/26. identify brand, color, and length and I'd love to return it to it's proper boat. always rig to flip, Rogue Sasquatch
  4. Lost & Found
    Lost 5/28/22 Salida/Howard Womens Layla Red PFD Vallie bridge ramp or on route back to Salida East ramp. not on the buzz much Thanks [email protected]
  5. Lost & Found
    Hello all, In search of an oar that was lost after the tether it was connected to snapped after a burly run through the falls this past weekend during Lochsa River Madness. It is a White 9' Cataract w/ Razor Blade and Gilman Grip. Might be a longshot but with how many people were below the...
  6. Lost & Found
    On 4/29/22 about 4:30 pm a tool box fell out of pickup in the Bridges run area of the Poudre River. Box was about 3' x 1' and had wrenches and sockets. Please return, Reward offered. Please call 970-484-4874 and leave message if we are not home at the time. Thank you
  7. Lost & Found
    FOUND: tent up among the trees at Rippling Brook camp. Tent and fly we're intact and there was a pole bag, but no poles. There was also a Tyvek ground cloth and stuff stack.
  8. Lost & Found
    Hello all. Wondering if anyone found a yellow Paco on the road out of the westwater takeout. Please let me now if you did :) Thanks, -Scott
  9. Lost & Found
    I am nearly certain I left this at Mee corner, but it could have been at Banjo. It is a leaf print in pale light green, blue, purple, white. I can't remember if is it size S or M. Reward for return.
  10. Whitewater Rafting
    We need to report a lost item and a found item. We floated with the Permit which launched 07/20/21 at Indian Creek. Lost: 8' Sawyer Pole Cat Oar with DyneLite Blade and an exterior Cataract Counter Balance on the sleeve. Lost in Tappen III Found: Carlisle IK/Kayak Paddle Found about 3 miles...
  11. Lost & Found
    My wife lost our NRS 5" barrel pump a few days ago in 5 mile rapid on the Main Salmon. Lemmeknow if anyone comes across it! Thank you.
  12. Lost & Found
    We pinned a boat in Rapid 24 in Cataract Canyon on July 7th, 2021. In the process we lost a drybag containing canyoneering gear (rope, harnesses, webbing, rappel devices, sand trap). Please get in touch at [email protected] if you find it. Thank you!
  13. Lost & Found
    Found this morning! My daughter lost her kayak on the Taylor River above the South Bank takeout. It is small, well used, red and blue. Please call if you find it! 804 922 2480 or email [email protected] thank you!!! $100 reward
  14. Lost & Found
    Anyone find a blue NRS life jacket at Two Rivers boat ramp Friday 6/18?
  15. Whitewater Rafting
    If any of you find a Cataract raft paddle, please let me know and I will reward you with beer. Flipped at the flippy rock below pineview last night so is probably hung up around bridges somewhere. Thanks for your help. added a picture to show what it looks like - not very visible coloring...
  16. Winter Buzz
    12/30 Found a pair of skis up the Poudre Canyon. They were left stuck in the snow bank. We would like to reunite them with their owner (970) 556-8474 FTC.
  17. New Member Introductions
    My name is Aaron Akins and I’m the co-founder of Karmik Outdoors, along with my good buddy Robert Gillingham. Robert and I are both outdoorsmen who live (and play) in SW Idaho. Whether it be paddling, fly fishing, hunting, backpacking, mountain biking or anything in between - we live for the...
  18. Lost & Found
    Hi - This is a long shot, but you never know.... One of the boats in our group lost a yellow cataract oar with an external weighed handle yesterday (9/20/2020) in Carey Falls on the Main Salmon. If you happened to have picked it up and are looking for the owner, I know this really cute couple...
1-18 of 18 Results