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  1. Lost GoPro Hero 8 w/ Orange Case & black GoPro brand clip

    Lost & Found
    I lost a GoPro hero 8 with a bright orange floaty connected to a black GoPro brand clip mount. I lost it between between Rancho del rio and State Bridge. Was lost on 9/20. Any assistance would be simply wonderful :) Thanks so much in advance!
  2. Found Kayak, San Juan River, Pagosa Springs, Mesa Canyon

    Lost & Found
    I rescued an abandoned Kayak from a strainer a few months ago on the San Juan river on the Mesa Canyon section in Pagosa Springs. Sorry, I'm slow and just getting around to posting it but I'd like to get it returned to the rightful owner if possible. Please describe lost kayak and PM me your...
  3. Found - watch - deso - rock house

    Lost & Found
    I found a watch at the Rock House camp on Desolation Canyon on Aug 11th It's nice, and I imagine the owner would like it back...
  4. Lost oars- Main Salmon

    Lost & Found
    I lost two black sawyer oars in Chittam on July 1st. They have fir blades and I REALLY miss them. Please call Robin at 720-849-9387 or e-mail [email protected]