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  1. Jackson Little Hero or Pyranha Burn Small?

    Whitewater Kayaking
    Hi, I'm 5'2, 100 lbs,and have a 31 inch inseam. I'm saving for either a Jackson Little Hero, or a Pyranha Burn, which I'm guessing I'll get in a year or so, so my weight and height will be different. I mainly run II+ to III+ whitewater, but eventually plan on getting into the bigger stuff, so I...
  2. Rocky Mountain Adventures Paddle with Demshitz!

    Whitewater Kayaking
    Come Paddle with DEMSHITZ!!! Rocky mountain adventures 1117 N Hwy 287 Fort Collins, CO 80522 Come to the store at high noon for a chance to paddle with Demshitz and try Pyranha Kayaks new 2010 line including the New BURN and New playboat the Molan! Here is a video of Demshitz in action...
  3. Outdoor Directory - Add your company today

    Commercial Posts
    I run A Directory to find local canoe,kayak and rafting outfitters/service in the United States. The term rental canoe gets search over 74,000 times globally a month and 18,000 locally. This search volume on this term can lead to great exposure for your company in one...
  4. 48 Hour Holiday Kayak Sale!

    Commercial Posts
    Take $100 off any kayak, boat, or board in stock at CKS. Valid for items $599 or more. December 10-11th 2009 only. For more info, and other holiday promotions click here: CKS| Holiday Promotions
  5. ANY FREE KAYAKS out there

    Whitewater Kayaking
    hey guys and girls i wondering if any one has a couple kayaks that they are trying to get off there hands, for free or a cheap price. it doesnt matter if they are river runable or not, i just have been looking for a boat for a long time. any thing would be great, dont hesitate to call or e-mail...