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  1. 9R For Sale! $200

    Creek Boats
    Has crack in bottom right. Not too bad. Also hog nosed a little bit. Not too bad. She rides pretty dry. Great boat for starter or keep your season going. Located in Denver, CO.
  2. Liquid Logic Freeride 57 Playboat/River Runner Kayak - SOLD

    All-Around Boats
    Liquid Logic Freeride 57 for sale - $550 Boat is in good shape, comfortable outfitting, super stable, fast, easy to surf, easy to roll. Technical Specs: 6'6" length, 25.5" width, 32 lbs, 57 gallons displacement Suggested paddler weight range 150 - 210 lbs Available for pick-up in North...
  3. Two Dagger Torrent 10.0 sit-on-top whitewater kayaks

    Whitewater Kayaks and Accessories
    We are selling our like-new Torrent whitewater kayaks - two of them, $575 each. We fell in love with these types of boats during an Outward Bound trip on the Yampa and San Juan Rivers, but have only been able to use them two times since we purchased a couple of years ago. We are now helping to...
  4. Perception method air whitewater kayak for sale

    Whitewater Kayaks and Accessories
    Purple river kayak for sale. kayak only $180 pick up in Breckenridge
  5. G-Power Canoe slalom paddle- kayak paddles sold

    G-power canoe paddle (Hunter) 133cm, has top repair and slight sun fading but very structurally sound-$100 Located in Garden Valley, Idaho - more pics available ya
  6. Beginner's blues

    Whitewater Kayaking
    I'm new to the whole kayak world and ... I love it! I constantly find myself checking USGS for the current CFS level or watching kayak videos whenever I am bored. Kayaking is almost always on my mind. Now yesterday I took a swim... I wouldn't necessarily call it a gnarly swim but I was honestly...
  7. DIY GoPro Quadcopter

    Kayaking | Gear Talk
    I am getting more serious into film making and I want a Quadcopter for my Gopro but I dont want to spend $600. Any ideas on how to make one for less $$$?
  8. Low water (~200) Fractions, Milk Run.

    Kayaking | Trip Planner
    At the current level of around 200cfs which do you recommend as the better run. I'm looking to take a pretty new paddler down one of these this weekend. Looking for something II+ or III-. I'm open to other Arkansas Valley suggestions as well. I used the search but didn't really find an answer...
  9. Paddling in Florida

    Commercial Posts These groups are great if your ever want to SUP or Kayak in St Augustine Fl.
  10. Durango area, Hermosa, Vallecito creek, Florida river, Los Pinos

    Kayaking | Trip Planner
    Anyone interested in running any such places? Or nearby places not aforementioned? All summer, tomorrow on out, i can float most any day, most anywhere i can drive to within a few hours.
  11. Hermosa Creek/ Animas river this weekend

    Kayaking | Trip Planner
    Anyone ever run the Hermosa Creek? I run the lower section from the creek bridge into the Animas and down to Trimble lane bridge. It is class III- at most. I have also run from a few miles farther up, and it is very nice class IV- and IV+ almost constantly until the creek bridge. I plan to run...