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  1. Whitewater Kayaks and Accessories
    Great IK! Took it down Browns without a problem at 3000 CFS. Comes with: After market backrest with pockets, After market Thy straps, And aftermarket adjustable Foot Braces. And a paddle! Its in great shape I just have to many inflatables so this one needs to go. No leaks or patches. Always...
  2. Inflatable Kayaks
    Looking for a double IK, time for the kids to have their own ride down the river. Interested in an Aire, Hyside, NRS, Rocky, Sotar or similar. Email me direct at [email protected] or PM me through the buzz. I’m in Seattle but willing to drive. Happy paddling!
  3. Rafts and Accessories
    2 year old Rocky Mountain Rafts Inflatable Kayak, model IK-123. This boat goes for $950 new: IK-123 The Animas Single Inflatable Kayak - Rocky Mountain Rafts We've used these boats for the last two seasons on the Middle Fork of the Salmon, in Idaho. These boats were taken on about 14 trips, and...
  4. Inflatable Kayaks
    Like new Aire Bakraft hybrid 1! Used four days on the south fork of the Flathead. Its a great boat, but I won't use it as much as I would like. I also have Werner 4-piece paddles I am willing to throw in! $1200
  5. Inflatable Kayaks
    Bought this last week for self support camping, but I need a bigger payload. Lime green, in box. Mfg 5 year warranty available from dealer. Pickup in McCall, ID or wait until I next head down to Boise. $895. Two oh 8, Two seven One, 1 for for 5. Ask for Harley.
  6. Whitewater Kayaking
    There are a few IK paddlers on this forum and I am looking for stories about drownings or near drownings or head injuries with thigh straps in IK. If you don't have any such stories, what's your take on thigh straps in inflatable kayaks? Are they valuable? Are they dangerous? What makes them...
  7. Kayaking | Gear Talk
    Just had good news in talking with Jim Sheflo, the maker of the original, and best IK... The Stiletto. With adding my name to the list, there are about 10 people in line for one of these incredible IK's. He did say if there were some more folks that signed up for them he might make another...
1-7 of 7 Results