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  1. Hyside Padillac I

    Inflatable Kayaks
    Brand new this year. Maybe 30 river miles on them. Will ship or maybe we meet. I head over the mountain quite often. We have three from our Rental fleet We are trying to unload. Great shape 1300.00 we are in grand junction 970 216 5481
  2. Hypalon patching questions...

    Rafting | Gear Talk
    I have two questions about patching...advice would be super helpful. 1. We have the hyside repair kit which comes with the appropriate patch material BUT it’s got a silky fabric on one side. Do I peel this off before patching, or is this a part of the material? Photos below. 2. The...
  3. Battle of the 14ft Rafts

    Rafting | Gear Talk
    Hey guys, I am wanting to buy a 14er. I have narrowed it down to Aire 143 NRS Otter 140 or 142 Hyside Outfitter 14 or 14xt or save my money with a RMR 14 Dropstitch. I have ridden most of them and had fun. Mostly row with the occasional r4. 90% day trips and maybe the occasional overnighter...
  4. Blue Hyside Thwart

    Blue Hyside Thwart Material: Hypolone Hulky Robert Valves Grommet Ring connection Circumference 40” Length 34” Thwart reference #3 Thwart holds air and have been soaped down and tested. Thwarts are "as is" with no warranty. $60 plus Shipping Shipping calculated based on your location. Local...
  5. For Sale Selling 2018 Neo MiniMax.

    Rafts and Accessories
    Used a handful of times. $1900.
  6. Upgrading military valves

    Kayaking | Gear Talk
    I've got a Hyside with the metal military screw valves. I'd like to change them out for Leafield C7s. Has anyone here ever done this? I know I'll have to cut out the valve boot, which will leave a sizable hole. Do I need to do an inside patch when installing the new valve in the tube, or will...
  7. Gear geeks- denier?

    Kayaking | Gear Talk
    Can anyone tell me specifically why a Hyside (Outfitter Pro) weighs less but has a higher denier count (by far) than a DRE Pro? I am geeked out on the specifics and because we can't seem to find a used Hyside (no longer patient) we are looking at DRE Pro 140 vs. a 14 ft. Outfitter Pro. The DRE...