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help a brother out

  1. WaveSport EZ v. WaveSport Fuse 48 v. Pyranha Recoil S??

    Kayaking | Gear Talk
    I'm extremely new to paddling and I already love it and am trying to decide on which boat I should buy out of these three. I am 5'9" 145 lbs and size 10 shoe. I live right by the Chatahoochee River which is home to an amazing Whitewater Course that ranges from Class I to Class V depending on...
  2. Father Son Rafting Trip out west

    Rafting | Trip Planner
    My brother my dad and me are trying to plan a trip to go rafting and camping in colorado next year. I have experience backpacking and guided rafting. They have been rafting before but have not had many opportunities to backpack. All three of us are fit and are looking for something exciting. We...
  3. Call to Action: Help a hurt kayaker.

    Whitewater Kayaking
    Some of you might have seen Jeremy's post here about losing the use of his hand to a band saw accident. This guy is amazing and super humble not even wanting to ask for help at all but I know the mountainbuzz community can come through for him like we did for Tony. Please please consider...