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  1. Sweet Rocker Full Cut

    Commercial Posts
    Great helmet's. They are not cheap, but they are great helmet's. The Sweet Rocker Full Cut Whitewater Kayak Helmet | Colorado Kayak Supply Blog
  2. WRSI helmet don't always work

    Kayaking | Gear Talk
    I keep hearing nothing but good comments about the WRSI helmets. Everyone seems to think they are invincible when wearing one. That is the way I thought too until I had one cut me open. I was kayaking down a class III rapid and rolled on the first wave. I hit a rock on the bill of my WRSI...
  3. Anyone heard of Iron River Helmets?

    Kayaking | Gear Talk
    i've been shopping around for a new kayak helmet and these guys (iron river kayak helmets) came up. i am wondering if anyone out there can attest to their products. are they great quality? do the compete with the big name helmets like sweet and shred ready? any info would be great.
  4. SR Full Face Helmets

    Whitewater Kayaking
    Here's a review on The Shred Ready Standard Full Face. They've got a killer custom graphic program that's worth checking out too: Shred Ready Standard Full Face Helmet Review | Colorado Kayak Supply Blog