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  1. Gates of Lodore recent trips?

    Kayaking | Trip Planner
    Any beta from recent trips down the Green through the Gates of Lodore? I am launching next weekend (August 13th) and wondering if there are any helpful tips from people that have run it recently. Bugs, tricky rapids at this level, hazards that people have run into, etc. Any pre-trip...
  2. found PFD--split mtn take out

    Lost & Found
    you forgot to grab a very new looking PFD at the split mountain take out on the Green 6/18. Happy to send it back your way
  3. Lost Hiking Boots at Rock Creek Ranch(Green River, UT)

    Lost & Found
    One of my guides forgot his hiking boots at the Rock Creek Ranch when he jumped in his boat to chase down a kayaker who'd just wet-exited. If you picked them up could you please contact us? If you are launching soon, could you keep an eye out for them? Thanks.
  4. Looking to Raft the Green River putting in at Flaming Gorge.

    Whitewater Rafting
    I'm looking to raft the Green River putting in at flaming gorge dam in late June. I plan on doing more fishing than rafting. I'm thinking maybe 30-45 miles? Any suggestions on where I should put in and take out? I'm also looking for suggestions on cheap shuttles. Thanks in advance! Cheers
  5. Green River, put in at Flaming Gorge Damn

    Whitewater Kayaking
    Has anyone done this stretch? How is the scenery and fishing? I'll be going late June for 2 nights, any advice? Thanks!
  6. New Member Offerring Free Troutmap to First Response

    Whitewater Kayaking
    Greetings, I am a new member and I figured my first post could be a gift to one Mountain Buzzer. I was down in Boulder last weekend and stopped by Rocky Mountain Anglers and picked up a bunch of Troutmaps for cheap (they're changing owners). I got overzealous and picked up a map set that was...
  7. Whitewater is Back In Green River Wyoming 9/15/09

    Whitewater Kayaking
    The City of Green River has invested $1,000,000 in rebuilding it's whitewater park at Expedition Island. The orginal park built in 2002 failed due to scour during high flows. With the rebuild, you can expect a world class rodeo hole with state of the art adjustment to both pinch the notch and...
  8. Deso/Gray Permit

    Whitewater Kayaking
    I have a Deso/Gray permit on the Green that I can’t use, launch date of July 16th. It is a 5 or 6 day trip and I’ve already paid for 6 people and a screen cabin, $170 so far. Anyone who registers can use the permit for those dates or change to another date if available. Call me or give...
  9. New Book on Desolation & traveling slideshow

    Whitewater Kayaking
    June 2009 USU Press and your friends James M. Aton and Dan Miller would like to invite you to a presentation for their new book, The River Knows Everything: Desolation Canyon and the Green. The book has just arrived in our Chicago warehouse and is available from our Web site at...
  10. Deso Grey Swap?

    Whitewater Kayaking
    Hey, I just joined and am looking for someone willing to swap a May 31st 2009 Deso Grey permit for one a couple of days later. I need something between June 1 through 6. I've OK'd it with the River office in Price and just need to get the word out. Is this a good forum to post such an inquiry...