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  1. Boaters Forum | General Boating Topics
    I've got a permit for Aug 30 with almost no spots filled. It's the standard group size for 16 days. I've been procrastinating organizing and now the draft participant list is due June 2nd. Turns out I don't know enough river people, and the ones I do know can't come. Ideally I can find some new...
  2. Whitewater Kayaking
    Hi Mountain Buzz Community, I am interested in renting a Medium Jackson Kayak Antix 2.0 for a Grand Canyon kayak trip that can be delivered to Marble Canyon AZ around September 3rd for put in, and picked up at Pearce Ferry for the take out on September 20th. I've already tried what I think...
  3. Whitewater Rafting
    My permit was pushed back from 2020 due to some STD called “Covid”. Now that it’s rescheduled for this year, most of the original crew can no longer go, so I’ve got some open spots. Besides safety, group dynamics is my biggest concern. We’re fun and hard working ski town locals who are looking...
  4. Rafts, Dories, Packrafts, SUP, and Accessories
    I have a set of military surplus snout tubes for sale. Asking $3000, will entertain any reasonable offer. They hold air well and have had the valves on one tube relocated so they are on the outside. Just put a fresh paint job on them with Royal rubberized paint.
    $3,000 USD
  5. Whitewater Rafting
    Fortunate to pull a lottery permit and I am looking for a qualified boatmen to run one of our rigs in late July 2023. I haven't run the GC in 5 years, looking for someone that wants to join our group. Thank you.
  6. Rafts, Dories, Packrafts, SUP, and Accessories
    Do you want to run really BIG whitewater! Do you want to carry enough beer and ice for a month? Do you really want to take everything and the kitchen sink? Then I have the boat/raft for you! Never miss out on a desert canyon river trip and run Cataract canyon every year and never worry about...
    $11,900 USD
  7. Rafts, Dories, Packrafts, SUP, and Accessories
    We are selling our big fella. 17' JPW El Tigre/Royal Flush Hybrid. 25" tubes 17' nose to nose, 12.5' waterline. 10' Top Cat NRS Frame with extras. Black with Green D Rings, grey double bottom --- I've heard it all, so please just don't...LOL. Its not much hotter than a blue boat, and its...
  8. Whitewater Rafting
    Scored a December 25 launch!! Looking for people who are seriously interested and can get the time off! Send me a message and let’s talk. Hoping to keep the costs to under $1200
  9. Rafts and Accessories
    FOR SALE 1985 16 foot Avon PRO hypalon bucket boat with custom frame. Standard floor. Comes with a cooler, groover, frame with oar towers and locks and removable table. Leaffield valves. Make an offer. Located in Taos, NM. More pictures upon request. Thank you, Peter.
  10. Rafting | Trip Planner
    Hey guys I got a super last-minute possibility here but we have a launch date for December 18 (8 days!). We’re looking for a couple of people so bring your friends. You can kayak, or bring your own boat or two. Drop me a PM as soon as ya can! Parker 951-501-6426
  11. Whitewater Rafting
    Hey! Long time lurker. First time poster! I’ve got time off this winter and I would love to go on a GC trip. I have a 14 ft AIRE cat. Lots of boating experience! But I have never been down the Grand. If you have a permit and are looking for solid trip members let me know. I can give you a...
  12. Lost & Found
    Definitely not the result of too much tequila, but someone in our group lost an iPhone at tequila beach on 9/27. Hit me with a DM if anyone here finds it and I’ll get you in touch with the owner.
  13. Boaters Forum | General Boating Topics
    Yo MB crew, I know any and all opportunities to get down the ditch is one not to be squandered and at the end of the day we all gotta run our own race... So I'm just soliciting some advice, hoping to find some common experience, or perhaps some perspective that I haven't yet thought of. I was...
  14. Kayaking | Trip Planner
    Yo MB crew, I know any and all opportunities to get down the ditch is one not to be squandered and at the end of the day we all gotta run our own race... So I'm just soliciting some advice, hoping to find some common experience, or perhaps some perspective that I haven't yet thought of. I was...
  15. Rafting | Gear Talk
    Hey Y'all, I have a Grand Canyon trip coming up at the end of Oct. I'm working on my rigging, rearranging my frame and making some upgrades to my setup for the 28 day tip. I run a 14' Aire Lion and I love it. Does anyone out there in the ethos have any advice for a rigging a cataraft for the GC...
  16. Kayaking | Trip Planner
    From the GCPBA email list: -AH -----Original Message----- From: On Behalf Of Rich Sent: Tuesday, January 11, 2011 1:25 PM To: Subject: [gcpba] Secondary Lottery This Week - A Message From the Park A lottery has just opened for 23 launch dates in 2011. The lottery will accept applications...
  17. Commercial Posts
    A staff member here at CKS lent his kayak out to someone who was going on a self support trip on the Grand Canyon. After the trip we asked Allen if he would mind doing a review on the boat, and give us his honest thoughts on how the XP did on a true expeditionary, self support, multi day river...
  18. Whitewater Kayaking
    what color is the water in the grand canyon in december? is it silty or more clear? anyone ever try fly fishing around that time of year? what do you throw? what do you catch?
  19. Whitewater Kayaking
    yo. got a launch date for the 4th of december... what's it like that time of year? what are the rapids like? air/water temps? crowds? sunsets? animal life? dry suits needed? anyone got some boats they want to lend me or recieve compensation for letting me use? suggestions? hikes to take...
  20. Whitewater Kayaking
    Looking for several folk to join last minute on the Grand Canyon. Sept 6-23, Lee's to Diamond. Three people had to drop out last minute. Need one Raft guide. Have all gear rented and ready. Contact Paul Here or at [email protected]
1-20 of 52 Results