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  1. Rafting | Gear Talk
    Sounds crazy, but I had a frame made that is just not working out like I’d hoped… it’s perfect as far as diamond plate double bar with 3 bays and a bench, but I kind of designed it around my cooler and then added a high back cpts chair to it… so now the cooler has to go in the front when I had...
  2. Rafting | Gear Talk
    Hello, relatively new guy here. I've read through a lot of posts on coolers, but this is a questions specific to my frame. Thought it might be fun for people to help me problem solve (and do it "right" the first time rather than F it all up for months). I just got my AIRE 143D with a DRE frame...
  3. Rafting | Gear Talk
    Hello! Couple questions for the community if anyone has helpful advice/thoughts - 1. I just built a frame for my raft (14'1" STAR Outlaw). The raft C to C is 65" with a flat area of 83". NRS suggests using their frame size of 66" width and 82" length. I decided to go slightly wider to start...
1-3 of 3 Results